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Surveillence is 'In'

Today we added a new feature to Bienen und Blumen, our small dating website project: There is now a new page for each account, named 'Statistics'. It lists all logged in users who visted your profile in the last few days.
A huge amount of users demanded this feature, so we built it in. I guess surveillence is only bad if you are the one who gets monitored. :) But ok, on Bienen und Blumen, everyone can only see visitors of his own profile, and then only if he activated this feature manually, and additionally only then if the visitor also has the 'people may watch me' feature turned on in his settings. I think that's quite ok in this way.

Demoscene 2.0

It looks like the Demoscene is slowly transforming and moving on to the infamous web 2.0. But I really like most of the 25-Line ActionScript January 2009 Finalists. Source and compiled SWF available on the website.

On Japanese Tax Forms Again

Related to this blog post: Looks like I'm not the only one with the need to fill out japanese tax forms these days. :)

irrEdit 1.5

I just released irrEdit 1.5, the free 3D editor using the Irrlicht Engine. It is compatible with Irrlicht 1.5, but I had to modify the engine slightly in order to make it work with relative file paths again. The source of that modified Irrlicht version is included in that package. We will change Irrlicht in the near future so that saved .irr files will use relative file names by default again, I guess.
Because it took that much time porting irrEdit to the new Irrlicht version, there are nearly no new features in it, except some new exporting options (*.stl, *.obj), which Irrlicht already supported.


[title intentional, kinjalkishor & xaos ;)]
So finally, I now tried out Facebook. My profile still is a bit lonely because most people in the german speaking area are using studivz instead, but summarized: I am a bit disappointed by Facebook, it's really just another social network. Sometimes you forget this if you never used it and read all the hyped media article mentioning this website. It's not exactly the same as Studivz as some people write, but you notice that Facebooks and Studivz once have been quite similar.

World of Goo Soundtrack available - for free

I liked the music in World of Goo very much. If you did too, you can download the soundtrack now for free, nice!

Irrlicht Competition Submissions Available

If you haven't seen them yet, the Irrlicht Competition Submissions are now available, bitplane listed them all in this Irrlicht Forum thread. The youtube playlist can be viewed here.

Everyday Life of a Sysadmin

Great, anyone remember platoon?

(via Blogging Tom)


You know your company is quite international when..
..you have to fill out japanese tax forms.

Some post about my work with my company, as requested by popular demand. [Martins1 ;)]

Obfuscating SWF files: new feature

I just released a new version of the ActionScript 3.0 obfuscator irrfuscator which includes a nice new feature, the ability to obfuscate binary .SWF files: Simply select an existing SWF file, and irrFuscator will mess around with its Actionscript 3 bytecode so that decompilers won't be able to gather much useful information out of your swf file.

I initially created irrfuscator last year to obfuscate ActionScript 3.0 source code, .as and .mxml files. It seemed to be quite useful for some people, but having to obfuscate a large amount of source files and then needing to recompile them is a bit inconvenient, so I added this option now.
irrFuscator will open the .swf, search for action script 3 bytecode sections and mess around with them. After this, a new SWF is created, packed and written out, simple as that. It was quite interesting to implement, but not as hard as I thought it would be. Learned a lot. Most unusual about the .swf file format: Reading a simple 32 bit integer value out of an (already decompressed) .swf file requires about 12 lines of code. That's a small first obstacle in the beginning if you should ever try to implement something like this yourself :)

Game Development Fail

Nice blog about fails in game development. If you develop games or game graphics yourself, a lot of those screenshots may look familiar to you :)

Must... resist...

It's really hard not to write about the ongoing Gaza war, especially if Israel now seems to be using weapons like white phosphorus which is incredible cruel and banned by the Geneva Convention, and seems to have already killed more than 300 children: about 1100 people in total, most of them women and children.
But I resist. I've been told that political statements are not good for this blog.

Using Adobe Flex in Visual Studio

I didn't know it was possible to use VisualStudio as IDE when developing Flex applications. This article on developerfusion.com shows how to do this. Great, *willTryOutSoon*.

Côte d'Ivoire, what's your problem?

About 90% of all scammers we are catching on our new dating Website Bienen und Blumen are from Côte d'Ivoire. I'm using only the IP adresses and some of the free available geoip services on several websites to get this information.

The scam we get is a combination of money transfer frauds and dating scams, and most of it is coming from this country, Côte d'Ivoire. I'm wondering why. Maybe it's the combination of available internet access points and the currently more difficult economic situation down there? Or it's normal and most of this type of scam is coming from there? Is it because they are in the same time zone as us? Or maybe is Côte d'Ivoire running the most popular proxy servers of Africa?
Would be interesting to know. :)

Space Invaders

Nice idea, fake, but would like to see this in real:

Yes, Irrlicht is compatible with...

Frequently asked question of the week: Is Irrlicht compatible with XY? Can I use the Foobar-Library with Irrlicht?
Answer: Yes! Of course. Why shouldn't you? You can use Irrlicht with whatever you want. Let it be Raknet, Irrklang, Bullet or whatever else. Please, stop asking. I don't know what is it, but this and last week seems to be the Let's-Send-Niko-A-Mail-Asking-If-Irrlicht-Works-Together-With-This-Library-Week. :)

Caster released

Caster has just been released by Elecorn, it is a game for Mac and PC which uses lots of audio (sounds / music) during game play.

It uses irrKlang for sound output. Go Indies go! :)

Working on irrEdit 1.5

Irrlicht 1.5 is now out for some weeks, time to update irrEdit, the editor for Irrlicht as well.
I've been working on the irrEdit update last week already, but it's not as easy as only recompiling irrEdit with the new Irrlicht sources. Because the editor uses nearly all features Irrlicht has to offer, and in Irrlicht 1.5 several interface changes have been made, it's quite a bit of work.

Especially the changes to the light scene node is a bit more costly than in other Irrlicht updates, because irrEdit overrides Irrlichts light scene node in order to display the nice editor friendly light billboards and also to use it for its built-in lightmap generator. But I think it's nothing severe, and the new editor will be out in one or two weeks.

irrKlang 1.1.3 released

I just released the audio library irrKlang in version 1.1.3. It now should work faster on slow Mac OS X hardware and have very low latency even on some linux versions with very strange ALSA configurations. Additionally, I added the possibility to record audio in more than one channel, some example for VisualBasic.NET and several bug fixes.
The best release of irrKlang so far, but the latest usually is the best, right? :)

Happy 2009

No, I'm not dead. After a short X-Mas break, I'm now back again. This blog will continue to be updated starting with today again. :)