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How to crash your compiler

An unusual link from me, but this thread in the OGRE forum is great: Shortest way to crash the Visual Studio compiler. Best find so far:


Didn't know there were so many and simple ways to make the compiler crash. Great :)

C++0x in Visual Studio 10

Visual Studio 10 has been released as beta version (named CTP for Community Technology Preview) and its compiler has some parts of C++0x implemented. The best feature: The auto keyword. I really love it. No more typing the foo<bar::baz>::iterator part in
foo<bar::baz>::iterator xy = something.begin();
The Visual C++ Team blog also has a very nice post explaining the new features, especially lamdas in detail. A feature which I still don't like very much, it is quite sensless IMO because it only adds complexity to the language without adding a real new feature, you can emulate lamdas anyway using templates. Or is it obvious what this code does?

for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), [=](int& r) mutable {
     const int old = r;
     r *= x * y;

But anyway, nice.

Improved Magic System in Darkness Springs

Some days ago I made a small update to Darkness Springs. Besides adding some new quests and unlocking a new game area, I think I improved the magic system in the game quite a bit. The interface is now a lot better, there are now particle effects and new sounds, and some gameplay values have been adjusted. Looks like the users like it.

Rogerborg joined the Irrlicht Team!

As hybrid already announced at the irrlicht forum, we have a new team member now: rogerborg joined the Irrlicht team. Very great.
Wow, take a look at the list of developers now working on irrlicht. Never thought this list would get so long :)

Irrlicht on the iPhone

Interesting youtube video:

(Thanks, Zitzu)

Silence, I'll sue you!

Since I started my own company a bit more than one year ago, I had a lot of fun with this. Most of the products I am selling are free to use by people who would not or could not buy them anyway, and I'm trying to be fair to my customers as far as I can, like giving them discounts when they have good reasons and similar.

Some of the products even are completely free to use, like the audio library irrKlang (non-commercial version) or the 3D editor irrEdit (really free, you only need to pay a fee if you want the source code!).

But since my products are getting more popular every month, I am receiveing more and more strange accusations and threats. See for example this yesterday created public thread on the
ambiera forum
where a guy accuses me of... I don't know, I don't even understand exactly what his problem is. Or two other common examples: I don't know what happened to this world, but becoming abusive seems to become quite common now, even if the fault is on your own side. I'm usually still friendly to these people, helping them to correct their own mistake, but I never received any apology or excuse, ever.

Already caught some scammers

Well, our youngest project, Bienen und Blumen is not that popular yet (altough getting more popular each day) but already attracted its first scammers. That type of scam is called Internet Love Scam or Internet Romance Scam and I didn't know it is such a plague. But now, the website has been updated to automaticly detect this and defend itself:

Hope it helps.

World of Goo Demo is great

I tried out the just released World of Goo Demo, and it's great. The Demo only has 32 MB and is worth a download. World of Goo plays a bit like a mixture of Lemmings and Bridge Builder, with a strange but amusing and entertaining art style and very innovative levels. From a technical perspective, the way everything is done is quite interesting: The videos, the goo, the levels.
World of goo uses a physics engine (ODE) and as it seems 3D accellerated 2D graphics, (SDL with parts of a game framework I've never heard of - PopCap Games Framework). I personally also like the music and the cool sound effects, they are creating a very nice atmosphere. And that all the sound is generated by irrKlang makes the game even more likable for me :)

Flash player 10 available

Adobe's flash player has finally been released in version 10. As far as I can tell, Darkness Springs seems to run a bit faster with it. Nice.

irrKlang 1.1.2 waiting to be downloaded

Yay, I just made available a new version of the audio library irrKlang. It includes several new features such as 24 bit wave file support and lowered memory usage, but also includes some nice additions for C#, VisualBasic.NET etc. developers:
You can now choose between irrKlang for .NET 1.1 and irrKlang for .NET 2.0, the two existing Mircosoft .NET runtimes. If you are wondering where .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5 is: Don't let the marketing guys baffle you, both 3.0 and 3.5 are still using the .NET 2.0 CLR.

Managed C++ horror

Currently I'm working a lot in Managed C++ code. Quite a horror. Not the language itself, but the bugs in the compiler and the tools around it. I knew why I stopped supporting Irrlicht.NET :) Probably C++/CLI is better, didn't try it yet.
It was so bad already, I nearly considered rewriting the whole code in C#, which would have taken a few weeks. But now I made it, it works. Phew. You know you have to change something when the success of a build has nothing to do with programming, but more with experience, googling for error-messages and luck.

Brazilian RPG

Lee Zhi Eng let me know about a very nice looking work-in-progress game, a role playing game from Brazil. There is a youtube video available:

The unnamed (?) game is being created using irrlicht and blender and also has a website.

Unusual Bug Report

Last week I received quite an unusual bug report for irrKlang, the audio library I wrote. It started like this:

subject: My voice in irrklang
I was checking out irrKlang for use in a project I'm working on [...]

OK, looks like this is about a bug with the audio recording functionality. Let's read on.

[...] I ran the CSharp.01.HelloWorld.exe program and was disoriented when my voice started to play [...] Eventually I realized it was [the music file included in the SDK named] "getout.ogg"

Woha. Wait. What? He hasn't been using anything of the engine yet, and only started the HelloWorld example which simply plays an example ogg file, but was hearing himself singing?! WTF.

It turned out that the bug reporter is the singer/musican known as bradsucks and that the irrKlang example in the SDK is using one of his songs as example audio file which has been remixed and published under a CC license by someone else. :)

So this was quite a funny surprise for him as well as for me. :) Brad is writing about the development of his audio player software on his blog, btw.


Lexventure is a casual game created by Interama. It mixes elements from classic board crosswords games like Scrabble with puzzles, and uses Irrlicht as graphics engine.

Not the game type I would play personally, but definitely looks interesting.

Irrlicht 1.4.2 for MacOS X available

Thanks to Varmint, Irrlicht 1.4.2 for MacOSX is now available for download as well. Nice.