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Marielies Blaskovich, Wrapper Generators & Co

I'm quite busy at the moment, again. Yesterday for example, I attended some readings of the now one year dead author Marielies Blaskovich (although some philosophers were talking, it was quite interesting), and also listened to the lecture of Martin at the Institute of Computer Languages, explaining his Eiffel Wrapper Generator. It was interesting too and he even mentioned Irrlicht one or two times. :) I also rendered the Irrlicht Forum nearly completely useless, and just discovered that my german passport will become void soon. Busy times. :)

New hardware

Did I write "boycott sony"? Looks like I've reconsidered this. Right now, I'm blogging this from my brand new notebook. It's a Sony VaioVGN-S5M and soooo cute! I like it so much, I hope my girlfriend won't get jealous: It is extremely small but includes everything - even a DVD burner. And best of all: A GeForce FX Go 6400. Yay, my first PC capable of doing SM 3.0 ;) This presumably means you'll see some nice new special effects in Irrlicht soon. It looks like that:

As soon as the weather allows it, you'll see me lying around in the sun at the Museumsquartier or the Donauinsel, programming and surfing with it.
And about the 'boycott sony'-thing again. I took that picture above with my new digital camera, also by sony. Hit me now.

e dot c dot c dot t dot erm... i.. dot a dot?

I'm not a 100% java expert, but I really hope that these class names and methods are there because of the usage of some code obfuscator (only changed the somecompany.someproduct part, everything else has been left as it was):
at com.somecompany.someproduct.i.c.c.b.t.a(t.java:121)
at com.somecompany.someproduct.i.c.c.b.hb.a(hb.java:46)
at com.somecompany.someproduct.i.c.bc.startElement(bc.java:187)
Otherwise, after reading the daily WTF for a while now, I would not be surprised.


Anyone remembering Stunts, the DOS game created 1990 by Brøderbund Software? Looked like this:

It really rocked. Now look at this, reminds me a lot on this game:

Or here:

The game is named Crashday. Could be interesting.

DELETE from users WHERE user is spammer

How do you distinguish spammers from normal users in a phpBB2 board using SQL? Not easy. I just did a simple
DELETE FROM phpbb_users
WHERE user_id != -1
AND user_posts = 0
AND user_website <> ""
AND user_new_privmsg = 0
AND user_unread_privmsg = 0
AND user_last_privmsg = 0
causing the deletion of 5000 of all 7000 user accounts of the Irrlicht Engine forum. I guess I caught most of the spammers. But some poor normal users as well, for sure. I hope they don't get too angry.

Blog link updates

thomas_f is blogging about his exeriences while working for a popular big austrian company, reading is quite fun.
And I just updated the link to Xaos blog below, he moved to twoday.tuwien.ac.at. I didn't want to use a WYSI*N*WYG editor for this, and noticed that XMLSpy is a nice XHTML editor as well, nice.

Bad filename

An nice error message by Quicktime:

Uhhh! What a BAD filename!1!!1 The filename consisted of about 54 characters. After shortening it, Quicktime didn't complain anymore. Maybe MacOS doesn't support long filenames? I've no idea.


While waiting for this f*cking slow sf.net server, why not posting some Iraq war rant, before it's to late, and the United States, the leader of Europe will start a new war at the end of march in Iran:
The war in Iraq is about WMD.
The war in Iraq is a part of the global war against terror,
it was never about WMD.
The war in Iraq is about liberating its people, it is about
democracy and nothing to do with terrorism.
I've read this some days ago somewhere on slashdot, and thought this really simply shows the pointlessness of all this.

Insomnia Engine

My former co-worker Stefan 'Tivolo' Reinalter and his friend Markus Lipp worked (obviously) quite hard on a demo called "Insomnia", they recently presented it on the web. I'm not linking it here because he seems to have some bandwith problems, but it really looks impressive. They show lots of special effects in the demo, like nice HDR lighting (ahh, need to have that in Irrlicht too), cool caustics and refractions, soft shadows, PRT, motion blur and more. (more shots at gamedev.net)

Quite impressive, and they made the first price at the Realtime Rendering competion of my university. I guess they would have impressed people even more if they had better 3d models, but 3d programmers always have this problem. :) Congratulations!

Irrlicht for Mac Os X uploaded

The recently announced Irrlicht Mac OS Port is uploaded finally.

Sorry for the long delay.