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19 Mar '18

19 Mar '18


I just failed my first examination at the university. It was the 47th exam I had, but I never failed before. Well, there has to be a first time, right? I'm feeling bad anyway.

19 Mar '18

Irrlicht on MacOS

Announcing a new feature of the Irrlicht Engine coming to a file server of sourceforge.net near you in the next few days:

irrlicht on macOs

Big thanks go to Etienne Petitjean for this!

C++ namespaces

Every time I have to work with foreign code and have to type something like this
UIWaterFlr_FileDetectionJK_CalenderCtrl_GrtBtn* a = 
new UIWaterFlr_FileDetectionJK_CalenderCtrl_GrtBtn();
..I have the feeling I die a little bit inside. Please, guys. God invented namespaces for this.

19 Mar '18

19 Mar '18

Subject? Who cares.

Just got mail from my university:
From: somebody@someInstitute.tuwien.ac.at
To: eSomeNumbers@student.tuwien.ac.at
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 9:05 AM
Subject: bla

You sucessfully registered yourself for the exam.
I changed the email adresses above. But not the subject. bla?
Update: Funny, TU students seem to be able to guess the institute the mail came from without problems. :)

Script sharing

Mein erster deutscher Eintrag, auf Englisch macht er nicht so viel Sinn:
Das gemeinsame Verwenden von
Unterlagen (script sharing) ist nicht gestattet.
Boah, gut dass sie 'script sharing' in Klammern dazugeschrieben haben, sonst hätte ich echt nicht gewusst was sie meinen.

19 Mar '18

19 Mar '18


What can I do to motivate myself to go on learning? I still don't have an academic title (4 exams remaining) and I still can't start learning. I rather play games, code 3d engines and do other stuff. I just cancelled the next math exam. Argl. I'm sooo lazy. And it is unpleasant that my friends are finishing their studies, like Martin currently. At least I helped him a bit with his thesis (proofreading), and he used Irrlicht in it. :)

19 Mar '18


irrlicht rocks

(Without words, shamelessly copied from the Irrlicht Engine forum.)

Old hardware

Just read a blog entry of a student with a story about developing a 3D demo, mentioning that his hardware is pretty old. He's got a Radeon 9800 Pro.
I'm developing a quite popular 3D engine, and I've got a Radeon 9200 SE. So if his one is old, what's mine? Phew. Did I metion that I coded the first few Irrlicht engine releases only using the onboard 2.5D hardware of my Notebook? :) I think I'm a little minimalist when it comes to hardware upgrades.

19 Mar '18


Remember He-Man, the Masters of the Universe? Penny Arcade really IS funny somtimes. *rotfl*