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Growing in confidence

I'm just growing a bit in self-confidence. Here is why: During the last years, I did several interviews with magazines and websites (Examples: O'Reilly, Developia). But not a lot of them really got published, at least not that I know of. And I thought it was because my answers were silly, made no sense, and my english was extremely bad. But I just saw that maybe I'm not the only one with this where-is-my-interview problem. Phew.
Ahyes, and how difficult is this: Graphics Engine <-> Game Engine. Not the same. At all.

Excelsior toolset

Something you don't get to see that often: Irrlicht running inside a .NET IDE for developing games:

Developed by tucan entertainment.


You know you are in the country when you ask the way to the railway station and people are extremely friendly and even offer to drive you there, even if you are looking like a drug addict because you haven't slept a lot and still have alcohol in your blood. You know you are in the city again two hours later, when the store detective starts searching you and your backpack after buying food for the weekend, just because you still look the same.

WLAN in my house

Yipee, only two weeks after I've started to pollute the building where I live in a radius of about 300 meters with WLAN waves, the first foreign PC tried to connect. Yeah, so this is not the only appartement using WLAN anymore. I already was a bit afraid of living in an environment without people using such technologies like internet, wlan, etc. :) Ok, the other possibility is that only someone with a notebook and activated wlan card drove past our house. Hm.

C# 3.0

So, now that the specification is out for some days, what do you think about C# 3.0? There are some quite interesting new concepts in that version like extension methods, type inference, lamdba expressions and of course LINQ. Everything sounds useful, personally I like implicit types best. I'd like something like this in C++ too. But with all these enhancements, isn't C# getting more complex? There are now so much ways to do the same thing, and C# is becoming more and more a modern language monster with every version. I think sometimes it's better to keep it simple.



Opera is FREE!

My favourite and the world's best browser now is free! Yipee!!

Administrative bodies

Today, 15:29, the record section (is this the correct translation for Meldeamt?): I'm entering the building. 15:30: Trying to open the door of the office. Door locked, no one there. Reading the sign: "Open from 8-15.30". Arghh.


Currently, everybody is talking about the revolution:

I like it. Sounds quite clever, and if it works as they say it could really be a revolution. And even if not: At least really everybody is talking about it. Clever, nintendo.

I'm irrelevant

Don't take my last blog post too seriously. Even wikipedia says that I'm irrelevant:

delete Nikolaus Gebhardt

(Translated: They deleted the entry about me because I'm not important.) But funny, this means there must have been an entry about me. Would have been interesting :)
Again, about the last blog entry: Sorry, I didn't want to make anybody angry. I don't post further comments in there, because politics is something you can discuss endlessly and no body will ever move his point. Just let's see what happens at the weekend. And thanks for all the comments!

Don't vote for Schröder

This weekend, Germany will vote its next cabinet. And I cannot believe that there are still about 45% people who will reelect him and his party. Hey, wake up: This guy ruined our country during the last decade. Germany now has collapsed to the ground, economically. He has no idea, no official plan at all how to repair that damage and worse: He even ignores the problem. If you vote for him again, it would mean that you are content with how everything is and that he should go on like that. Just look at the U.S.: They reelected their stupid president and everything gets more fucked up in their country.
No need to vote for him just because he's a brilliant speaker. So please, please don't vote for Schröder.

Cool Irrlicht Screenshots

Anybody wants to see cool Irrlicht screenshots? Try this:


I finally uploaded shots of the RABCAT game engine (based on Irrlicht) to the Irrlicht project page. And there is a cool video (3MB) showing it in action. It's not that perfect (yep, I recorded it, and I'm not good in this), but it shows some interesting things. Thanks to Arnold, Stan and Tom for letting me publish them there. And also to Stefan, Fuki, Ronny, and Simon for their work on it, it was fun.

Red vs. Blue

Just discovered the BF2 folder and it looks like I took some shots accidentally. Lots of blue and red points.


Shader Model 4.0

Now that everybody is talking about Windows Vista, lots of people are asking what Shader Model 4.0 is all about. Here's my short summary:
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. But looks like SM4 is a step further on the way to more freedom for us programmers. :)

shader model 4

Giving away fridge & bed

You are from Austria/Vienna, you need a fridge or a bed? I'm giving away my old ones. See here for details.

Mission accomplished

So finally I'm moved and have internet again. I like the new appartment a lot, everyday I wake up it feels like waking up in a hotel. So now there are about 40 mails waiting for me to answer them. In the mean time, a short update of the current mission targets:

[x] new appartment()
[x] new job()
[ ] new girlfriend()

Looks like the most difficult part is still waiting for me, but as long as the girlfriend's constructor isn't private.. :-)