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No updates of Irrlicht3d.org for the next few days

In about two minutes, I'll disconnect the router and put this pc and its monitor into two big boxes. I'll post news again when I get internet in my new appartement.

How to attract girls

Because I am currently relocating and just received the key to my new appartement, I immediately went down to the subway and visited my new home. And because I don't trust the moving company, I took serveral valuable stuff with me. Valuable stuff consisting of network and power cables, some software and my notebook. But I also took one non computer related thing with me, namely Krimhild (she looks a bit like on the picture below). And while I was standing there in the subway, with Krimhild next to me, lots of people were staring and pointing at me, even more than I'm used to. Even two girls (independently) approached me and asked me some things. All because of the presense of Krimhild. So I came to the conclusion: If you ever try to get or attract girls using various items, forget stuff like cars, money, or muscles. Try carnivorous plants, it works.

krimhild looks a bit like this

Mail flood

I'm currently getting drowned by mails. All mails are about the latest Irrlicht release, and most of them are very positive. People really seem to like Irrlicht 0.12.0, as not only the emails but various discussions on the www show, for example here on gamedev.net. So please, have some patience with me, when waiting for an answer, there are sooo much mails. In addition, I'm currently relocating, so the www does not have my full attention.

Doing a blind release

I just released Irrlicht 0.12.0, but I am unable to announce it on that page, because sourceforge don't let me in. *gna*

Flipcode is dead.

"After more than six and a half years of game development goodness, flipCode is closing its doors." - flipcode.org. NAAAIIINN!! :-(

Why the managed C++ compiler sucks

My thoughts, straight out of ISceneCollisionManager.cpp
// The following code should work, but the microsft compiler has a bug,
// not fixed for the last 3 years, which makes this bool always true.
// return ret; // <-- microsoft compiler bug, not working.
// workaround:
return outCP == microsoftBugWorkAroundVector;
But hey, I didn't use any bad words.

Cleaning up textures

The special fx tutorial of Irrlicht 0.11 is currently quite ugly. See for yourself. I cleaned it up a bit for the next version of Irrlicht, which means I replaced a texture and added a small new material feature. It now looks like this:

the new special fx tutorial in irrlicht 0.12

I'm not an artist, but I would say it's now definitively better.

Austrian commercials

I'm watching German and Austrian TV via telekabel. And because of this I'm only getting to see Austrian commercials. I cannot stand them anymore. How I wish I had one channel where only german commercials are shown, 24 hours a day, where I could zap to when there are commercials on the channel which I am watching currently. :)

Good to know PHP - Spam mod

I just wrote a small spam mod for this blog software. Lets see if it works.

Magic The Gathering

You know magic the gathering? And you know about forum communities, gamedev or programming? Then you might like this thread. An example:

Magic The Gathering

.NET bugs

Irrlicht has some very few, minor bugs in the .NET version. And I'm not able to fix them, because of this. There is a fix, but they say it's better not to use it because it is not tested. Hurra. I could use one of the workarounds, but I don't like them all. *thinking*

Sin City

Tip: Go and watch this movie. It's great.

Referrer spam

Long time ago, I've modified this blog a little bit after an idea by bertl to prevent spam posts by bots. It worked, and until last week no spam occured. But since a few days, some spammers are posting comments into this post. Strange.
And even more strange: My referrer list shows a lot of urls and domains which advertise for poker and xanax and teen sex and stuff. Which means people seem to come from these sites to irrlicht3d.org. But it's just referrer spam. A thing I didn't know of until now. You never stop learning.

Passive Software Development

I've just invented a new software development paradigm. I'll name it PSD - Passive Software Development. It works just like this: I sit down and think about a new feature I could add to my software. (In this case the software is of course Irrlicht.) Then I start up Visual Studio to start implemening that feature. Then, after about 2 minutes, I get a mail from an Irrlicht user, and the mail contains source code or a .diff file which implements exactly that feature, asking me to add this to the next version of Irrlicht. So I just read through his code, modify it a bit where I think it is necessary and merge it with my development version.
And this works. It worked several times now. Don't know how. But it shortens development time effectively, is simple as possible, reduces costs and gives you much more free time. And - of course - don't underestimate the surprise factor, it's fun! Everybody should use PSD. :)
To summarize: Open Source really IS cool. Here's an example what I implemented recently, using PSD: ;-)

Detailmaps in the next version of Irrlicht

I'll never get my stargate game...

I'm still angry that I won't be able to play Stargate SG1 in the near future. I guess I'll have to buy a new DVD episode to compensate this ;) Here's a very interesting post of an alleged JoWooD employee which explains why Stargate was cancelled, and if this is true, I'm even a little bit more angry now. Copied from here:

I'm a cost-analyst that works for JoWood; my job consists of working out how much a project will cost, then grovelling to management to try to get a large enough budget. First, let me bring you up to speed on JoWood. Anyone who's bought one of our games knows we make woefully inferior, poorly funded crap; with little to no support after the game comes out. The management are totally clueless, as in completely out to lunch. JoWood has fallen on hard times and are always on the lookout on ways to reduce costs (of course the idea of actually improving our games never occurred to them). Why am I slagging them off? Well I've just got a job offer from a much better company so to hell with them.

Do you know why SG:Alliance was really cancelled? It's because some poor simpleton signed a contract stating that should the project not meet our standards, we reserve the right to renege on the whole deal. What's more, they'd have to reimburse us for all the money we invested and release all the assets associated with the project (i.e. the game). We planned to renege on the contract from the beginning. Don't you see, we have the developer make us the game for nothing. Once the game reached a certain point in development we'd say it wasn't up to spec and now not only do they have to hand over the game, but the developer has to pay us for all the money we spent on it.
How do you justify what they did to Perception? They're a low-budget developer, now saddled with a million dollar debt. That's lives ruined, not to mention all the people who will probably lose their jobs.

Let's hope that this is fake, or the world is really evil.

Irrlicht Wikipedia article

The Irrlicht Wikipedia article has grown since I last visited, it now even has a screenshot. But I don't like it, the shot is one of the most ugly shots from irrlicht.sf.net. Maybe this one would be better. Hm.


So the next tower after my last two expeditions was the Donauturm last weekend. Quite high, but boring. And windy.

Irrlicht Raycaster

Some years ago I wrote a simple raycaster. You know, that technique Wolfenstein3D, Doom and DukeNukem3D were using to display graphics. It looked like this:

Irrlicht Raycaster

It is written in java, and funnily, I named that thing Irrlicht, too. I've just found it again, and uploaded it to this website. Try it out and be impressed by its incorrect texture mapping on the floor and ceiling, the frame dependent movement and rotation, the missing billboard sorting and collision detection etc.. But at least it has a cool Doom style map. :)

Irrlicht 0.11 linux compiling/linking problem

You are Linux user and Irrlicht 0.11 doesn't compile/link, with the error "undefined reference to `glXGetProcAddress' "? Here's a simple solution: Open the file IrrCompileConfig.h, comment out _IRR_LINUX_OPENGL_USE_EXTENSIONS_, and recompile Irrlicht using
make clean
Sorry for posting this here, but lots of people are asking this and are googeling for this. :)

What to do?

Currently, I am again in the "What the heck is the meaning of my life?"-mood. Not depressed, but just thinking. I think my life is ok, but for what am I living it at all? Shouldn't I do something important? Something good? Or should I live so that at least I have some fun for myself? What's the best to do with my time, money and skills? Should I help people? Animals, the environment? Find some nice girl, make her happy? Does it matter at all?

Vienna Twin Tower

In vienna, you cannot find a lot of big towers. But the few we have are pretty cool, because you can see really a lot standing on top of them. [Ok, if this was different in other cities ;)] Last month, I visited the Millenium Tower. Its height is 202m (663 ft), and from the 27th level it looked like I was standing directly above my appartement. Nice feeling.
And last week, I visited the Vienna Twin Tower. They are two (surprise!), connected through several bridges. Pretty cool, this time I was at about level 29, I think. Impressive to see all those small people and the badner bahn, would be cool to work there. :) (not at the BadnerBahn, though)

Vienna Twin Tower

vienna millenium tower

So, which tower is next?

Pirate copies

Hey, you. I bet you already copied and downloaded games, software, music or videos via P2P, right? And I bet you didn't think one second about whether this was wrong, right? So here is some news for you: People are loosing jobs because of this. You fucking bastard.