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Space ships

Did you ever wonder how big Babylon 5 star ships are compared to Star Wars and Star Trek ships?
Here is the answer. Quite interesting, because it also covers for example FarScape, War Of The Worlds, Halo, Ring World, etc. :)

The best 3D engine ever

An engine review on DevMaster.net:

You can forget Crystal Space and OGRE with their steep learning curves and their LGPL licenses, Irrlicht is by far the BEST 3D engine EVER! It has all the up-to-date features such as those in CS and OGRE and then some! You don't havto convert your 3D models into CS or OGRE format, Irrlicht supports just about all the major formats! Man, you just have to take a look at the features. Also this engine is LIGHTNING FAST! I think the real reason for this is it's clean, organised, and small code, which compiles into ONE .dll file with a SMALL file size! You WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS, but using the latest version of Dev-C++, and the latest Irrlicht SDK (0.10.0), I compiled the source code without ANY ERRORS WHATSOEVER! I just extracted the source, opened up the dev project file, and compiled, and BOOM! Its seriously that easy, check it out yourself! I can go on blabbering about how great it is. Even if you are a beginner C++ programmer (as in you are able to write and compile code) you can learn this FAST! I think this is enough blabbering. Please, do yourself a favor and DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Not to mention its i-dont-care-what-you-do-with-the-code license, you can just about do anything you want with it! Dont be bummed by the crappy models and levels (low poly count) in the SDK, Niko only did this to reduce the size of the SDK download. Take your own High-Poly models and levels and run it in the engine and see for yourself the DOOM-3-QUALITY! As in, take DOOM 3 models and levels, and use them in Irrlicht and see the SAME RESULTS, BUT FOR 100% FREE! w00t! Ok ill be done now.. :D

Hehe, thanks for that nice review. :)


Yesterday, I had the last big exam at university, for this semester. Altough I think this might be the first exam which I didn't pass, it now it feels like hoildays. I bought an ix, a C't and a GameStar to let them be my company when lying around in the sun on the Donauinsel. :)
And I'm sorry that I wasn't able to answer all mails I got during the last time, I promise that I'll catch up on this, because I've got a lot more free time now.

UFOs on google maps

I can see my house from inside where I am writing this (of course), but thanks to the recent updates of google maps, I can see my house from space at the same time. Kewl.
There are really some interesting things to see on these maps. But the most weired things are the UFOs, or whatever they are. For example here. Or here. They are discussing this on google sightseeing.

No software patents!

Irrlicht3d.org now takes part at this web demo, so if you type http://www.irrlicht3d.org there is a new entry page. Maybe I should do this with irrlicht.sf.net too.


JS/UIX, impressive:
JS/UIX is an UN*X-like OS for standard web-browsers, written
entirely in JavaScript (no plug-ins used). It comprises a vir-
tual machine, shell, virtual file-system, process-management,
and brings its own terminal with screen- and keyboard-mapping.

Stopping irrlicht development.

If software patents will be allowed on 6th of July in the EU, I'm going to consider stopping the development Irrlicht and removing it from the web. I think I won't have the energy of being a target for getting sued by companies just because I am developing open source software. But I'm not sure yet, I would hate to stop developing Irrlicht because of this. (update: Yep, that's a stupid idea. Just ignore it.)
I also will join this web demo during the next few days which explains very good why I am doing this.
Would be cool if others would join.

Me as stortrooper

I think I look like this, as stortrooper:

And don't ask why I am carrying a chainsaw. :)

Ugly subject, don't read.

While playing a bit with an idea I had about C++ functors, I had TV switched on and an episode of the series sex and the city was shown. I didn't realy watch it, but one part where I got it was scary: One of the bitches in s.a.t.c had sex with a guy who wasn't circumcised, and she was disgusted because of that. WTF? I was really confused. After some research I found out that in the U.S. about 60% of all males are circumcised. Wow! I didn't know that. I didn't find out how high the rate is in Europe, but I think it must be like in the United Kingdom, which is 0.41% (=nearly nobody). Strange differences between these cultures. :)

X aus U

I played a bit DJ, and composed a very short call-it-techno-if-you-like song, with samples from our math professor at the university of technology of vienna. I think I had more fun creating it than anybody will have listening to it. :)

Batman begins

Because everybody knows that batman is the coolest of all comic heros, I had to watch the batman begins movie. And because everybody knows that batman movies almost always suck, I'm not going to rant about that movie. In short: The movie isn't as bad as batman 2,3 and 4 and if you ignore the story and the fact that the movie completely ignores the story of the other batman movies, it's ok. However, the nice thing about the movie is the design. In my opinion, this is the first time batman doesn't look ridiculous, because of the design of his suit etc.
Do you remember the old batman series, from the 60's, I think? Batman and Robin looked like this:

I think, with "batman begins", the situation has improved a lot:

Not to mention the batmobile:

In my opinion, in "batman begins", the design of the new batmobile absolutely rocks:

Trying to crash gaim

Freedom, democracy and human rights

An attempt to get this blog censored.
(Update, to give this entry a little bit more sense: MSN doesn't allow these words on its blogs, joining google and yahoo)

IGDA Vienna

Wow, they announced a new IGDA Chapter Vienna meeting. Hope I'm in Vienna on June 23rd.


A relative just bought a T55. How cool is that?
For those of you who don't know what a T55 is (I didn't know *g*), it looks like this:


I mean, I just downloaded the Battlefield2 Demo, played it a bit, and I think I virtually drove in some T55's. My realtive now really drives this tank. Of course, it is demilitarised and not able to shoot, but it should be cool anyway, to drive with 45 tons of steel at 90 km/h through the woods. And no - I'm not a military fanatic at all, I just think it might be fun. :-)


I just went shopping. What I bought:
Everything for personal use. Now I need some more disk space. And money. ;)

Write once, debug everywhere.

Currently I'm struggling with a Java application which runs only almost everywhere. I understand why Java is a slow, memory swallowing language. (BTW: I mean, 512 MB to make a java text editor usable? A 3D world with millions of polygons displayed in realtime and written in C++ can fit into there, and it will run faster than that crappy Java IDE.)
Java compensates this with its "write once, run everywhere" paradigm. But it is really horrible if even this doesn't really work. The program our team is working on runs on all our machines. But, of course, not on the presentation PC. Ok - it runs, but it has slight differences: It doesn't show any icons.
Yeah, that's cool. I tried out nearly everything now, it looks like it is really the fault of the JRE. Who said that developing database frontend applications is boring. :)

Debian Sarge Released

Debian Sarge has been released. Wow. What's next? 3D Realms bringing out Duke Nukem Forever? Cool, so during the next few days, I think I'm going to try out Debian finally.

Irrlicht Interview

I gave an interview to O'Reilly, the big computer book publisher. You can read the interview here.

Mystery with Googlebot and IT-Austria

I placed some quite private page on irrlicht3d.org. I placed it in a subdirectory which didn't exist before. Nothing links to that page. At least nothing I know of. Two minutes after I had uploaded that page, Googlebot came along and indexed it.
WTF? How did it do that? I mean, I'm no web expert, but how did googleBot find there?
I immediately added a no-archive meta tag to that page and moved it into another directory.
The even more scary thing: Just two hours ago, someone from it-austria.net (what is that, btw?) came along to the page again and read it. How did he get there? The referer log doesn't tell anything. So now I added a .htaccess password. This will help, but I still would like to know how this was possible. Hm.