Edge and IE line break problem

Today, I found a very simple inconsistency between browsers, causing a major PITA for me. Assume this simple code:
<!DOCTYPE html>
  <span style="font-size:50px;">LINE 1<br/></span>
  <span style="font-size:14px;">line 2</span>
Which will look like this in most browsers:

But in internet explorer and edge, it will look like this

Interestingly enough, if you remove the DOCTYPE tag, both browsers will do the same. But I still don't understand why this happens.

Problems like this make it really fun to develop a website editor.

Prius+ and Prius V Review

A while ago I posted a table of ranges of electric cars because I was thinking about buying a new car in the near future. Unfortunately, my old car broke down last week, so I needed a new car much earlier than anticipated.

The problem for me was that I need a car with at least seven seats. As far as I found, there are only two electric cars with this feature:
So I decided to take a step below a full electric vehicle instead and am now driving this hybrid car:

It's a Prius+ (called Prius V in the US) with seven seats (strangely, the US version only has 5 seats). I now drove it for about 500 km and must say that I am positively surprised. It is strange to drive, and you need a bit of time to get used to it, but it is actually very nice and has an unbeatable fuel consumption rate. I like the electric mode especially, with which you can drive short routes silently, without the combustion engine on.

The children also like it very much, they have enough space and the 7 seats give you a lot of flexibility on where to place whom. I never drove a Toyota before, and was surprised by the unusual engineering focused displays (there are 6, in words SIX digital displays in the car, all displaying some different info), but you get used to that quickly.

Looking forward to driving this a bit more, let's see.

Improving Terrain Generation

I am currently trying to improve several specific features in the CopperCube Game Engine. Right now, I am working on improving the terrain generation, because let's be honest: When you click on "create a terrain", the generated and built-in graphics are not that nice. So after playing around a bit, this is what it looks now after I've improved it a bit:

It's not great, but definately better. I only needed 3 clicks in the editor to create this scene for me. But I still have a few plans to make this nicer. Let's see.

Flash is dead, so I'll remove it. Right?

Flash is dead, as it seems. Is anyone still using it? I am currently thinking about removing support for Flash in the next update of CopperCube. It would speed up the development of the other targets, and removing ballast that way.

I created a poll on twitter for this, if you like, vote and tell me what you think about it.

irrKlang 1.6 released

I just realized that I'm now working since 14 years on this little C++ sound library which I called irrKlang. Today I pushed out a smaller update of it, modernizing it a bit again. Improving .NET support, support for gcc 5.1 and others, reducing dll dependencies (no MSVC runtime dll needed for C++), improving single threaded mode stability and speed, and more.

It is not only used by many indie games, but also by my own projects, of course. Basically everything I wrote which uses audio. Let's see what the next 14 years will bring!

Situation in my Country

The situation in my country can currently be summarized as this:

The colors mean the following:
green = no influenza
yellow = isolated cases
orange = repeated cases
red = influenza wave
Source: virologie.meduniwien.ac.at

Government Simulator 1.1

It's weekend (in Austria, Friday afternoon is considered weekend, no really), so I uploaded a small update to Government Simulator: It is now also possible to play as the United Kingdom.

Great Britain was the most wished country to be added to Government Simulator, so I added it. Things I didn't know about the UK: They have an interestingly high spending on education, compared to other nations. Not sure exactly why this is, their results aren't that much better, oddly.

Let's see if people living in that country think the simulation is realistic.

Why Developers Can Ignore Software Reviews

If you develop software or games, and sell them, you need to get used to the fact that your software will be be rated. No matter if you are on the Mac App Store, Google Play, Steam, or even your own website, people will comment and rate your software, make videos, blog texts and tweets about it. A lot of times, the feedback and comments you will be getting isn't very positive, sometimes even brutal, destructive and abusing. I'm developing commercial games and game development related software since now more than 20 years, and I've seen a lot of this. Take a look at my latest game, for example here:

For whatever reason, currently the game is rated "Very Positive", but it has had neary all stages in between already, including "very negative", "negative" and "mixed". And note that the game is available there only for about 6 weeks. People will complain about everything: That the software hasn't feature X, that is has feature X, that it isn't like game Y, or that it is exactly like game Y. The game is great but there is one single thing which the user doesn't like? "Not recommented!"
This isn't limited to this game above (it is just an example), I have this will all of my software.

It hasn't been like that all the time

I personally have the feeling that this phenomenon of extreme polarized reviews hasn't been there all the times, I think that it is a rather recent development. I have no data to back that up, but I think it has started at the same time when people started driving much more aggressive and behaving more reckless in traffic. I also blogged about the obivous behavior change of support requests of my customers during the last 10 years, which feels similar. What the reason for this is? I don't know.

Why you shouldn't care

In order to be able to do your work, you need to develop a thick skin. Especially for introverts like me, this is difficult, but harsh criticism and abusing comments are otherwise very demotivating. But there is also a reson why you shouldn't care: It is not possible to bend your software to the wishes of all the people. Of course, you can try to improve it where possible, but there will be always people not liking it. And additionally the most interesting is this:

Impact on sales has become lower

I've noticed that recently the ratings and software reviews don't seem to have a big influence on the sales numbers anymore. Maybe that's only for my software, but it doesn't seem to matter much anymore if your software for example has 5 stars or 2 stars. The amount of sales doesn't seem to be depending much on this anymore.
Maybe that's because people also know that user ratings aren't very representative? That they contain a lot of garbage? Maybe this could be a factor. But whatever it is, apparently, this isn't that important anymore, so you can at least stop caring that much.

What can be done about it

I'm not sure if this situation of user reviews can or should be fixed. Maybe it could be replaced by a new, or better system. I have no idea.

I will of course still try to improve my software where I can, and look into user feedback as much as possible. But at least I know that a lot of reviews can or even should probably be ignored.

Reddit now crippled by mods as well?

A reddit mod just banned me because I created version 2.0 of this free website editor named RocketCake and dared to submit the news. What has reddit become to?

I'm a reddit user for nearly 10 years now, and supporting reddit by commenting, posting and even spending thousands of euros in advertising on reddit each year. But I think I will stop doing this now.

Reddit is supposed to be a community where people up and downvote things they like or hate, not to be crippled by mods who don't know what they are doing. See what happened to the german wikipedia?

Crippled by mods, tons articles are now hopelessly out of date, technical wikipedia authors are frustrated. Hope reddit won't see a similar fate.

RocketCake 2.0 released

I just uploaded version 2.0 of RocketCake, the free responsive website editor.

This release contains quite a lot of new features, like multi level sub menus, selectable HTML version, support for placeholders, improved slideshows and galleries, and a lot more. See the detailed list here.